The Truth and History of the Hardware in Smartphones

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Here’s a trivia question. What country is responsible behind designing the ‘brains’ in all modern smartphones today? Is it:

  1. United States of America
  2. South Korea
  3. China
  4. Great Britain
  5. Japan

Okay, if you are unsure, try to eliminate just one country. Did you pick Great Britain? Congratulations, you got the question completely wrong! The ‘brains’ of a smartphone is of course the CPU which is part of the system on a chip ARM architecture, a company out of Great Britain. Not sure on whether to invest money in Apple or Google’s Android platform. Just simply invest in ARM to put yourself in a win win situation. So while Great Britain has been behind the curtain throughout this technological revolution, when all the news will talk about is innovative, genius design of smartphones by Apple, Samsung, and the rest. We also hear about the mass production at the Foxconn factories in China. Great Britain is such a mature, ultra civilized nation that I grew appreciation for over time. They’ve literally conquered the world after starting as a small island. Then they outgrew it and no longer crave attention. My family name has some English roots, how else would I be related to the Royal Family?

I’m writing this post about hardware to celebrate my little brother’s acceptance to a position at Intel. My little brother Phil is a PHD student studying electrical engineering (really computer engineering) and will be working near Portland, Oregon once he finishes his PHD in the fall. Please don’t ask who is the smartest, I’m pretty sure the three of us will all say the standard, “it depends”. For what it is worth, my older brother, an aerospace engineer will admit that Phil learns better than him, which could be why Phil is going all the way to a doctorate degree, while I was an aspiring dropout. Unfortunately, I graduated.

Anyway, I was browsing Youtube one day, and I came across this video which I found to be very funny in itself.

My appreciation for British culture also grew when I got stuck in Manchester on a switch flight coming back from my first European vacation. I have thought about escaping the not so fun things about running my own LLC, and taking a break to study at Cambridge on a whim. I need to press forward with my entrepreneur mind and actually make it happen sometime.

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