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As a mobile software developer it is essentially my duty to keep up with the latest technology trends. Buying the newest, and most advanced devices to help detect potential projects. I’m not ashamed to say that I paid $1,500 on a pair of Google Glasses when Google has decided that they will not release Google Glasses to consumers. To me it is essentially gambling. No one can truly predict the future, so true entrepreneurs step up to the plate and to try make something happen. Being intelligent and over analytical can even hurt businessmen as decisions need to be made to be different from other competing companies. If a bad decision is made, at least the person knows what he did wrong and will not make the same mistake again.

I have mentioned in my previous post about the new Bluetooth Low Energy technology. I believe it is capable of being a real game changer in the smart phone world. The idea I had using the Bluetooth LE technology was to make a true car finding app that marks the user’s GPS location when the user loses the Bluetooth connection from the car turning off. Bluetooth LE should not use much power at all, it is just the GPS location that will use most of the power. Currently, Apple permits GPS type apps to run in the background, however, it is not clear if apps are permitted to open and run on command in the background attempting to find a GPS location. Anyhow, an app like this can be developed with limited resources. I recently purchased this Bluetooth receiver, it is for using speakers with your iPhone wirelessly. When a car shuts off, the Bluetooth receiver should lose its power as well, giving us all we need to make a quality car finding app. However, obtaining the rights to use Bluetooth technology is no picnic, it requires appropriate licensing that are designed for giant companies. Maybe one day they will see the light and open up the world to a gold mine of technological innovation.

Another great use for this Bluetooth receiver is to connect with headphones to watch movies in bed with headphones on. The walls in my apartment are really thin, and my neighbor forgivingly complains about the noise level every now and then. It would be nice to have the technology to mitigateĀ this issue.

I now for the issue I’ve been trying to solve for over 3 years now. I own a really nice pair of Bose QuietComfort headphones. I love them, however, I feel that they should be wireless. If it can’t be 100% wireless, it should at least not have to be tethered to a smart phone. With the inexpensive Bluetooth receiver above, along with the portable USB charger listed below, one can conceivably have their Bose QuietComport headphones attached to the Bluetooth receiver, which is powered by the portable USB charger. The receiver and charger can fit insideĀ a jacket pocket leaving your smart phone 100% wireless. By the way, I have tried out the Bluetooth integrated headphones. I was disappointed by the sound quality and the battery life. While this setup may be more for techies, it can help make ski trips and such a lot of fun.

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